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SHI - Training
SHI - Training
Schneller am Ziel - Search & Big Data Lösungen erfolgreich entwickeln und betreiben.
SHI - Migration
SHI - Migration
Steigen Sie jetzt auf die Open Source Plattform Apache Solr oder die professionelle Distribution Lucidworks Fusion um
SHI - Integration
SHI - Integration
Insbesondere Big Data Lösungen sind nur mit Integration zahlreicher Plattformen realisierbar: Apache Solr, Hadoop, Mahout, Stanbol, HBase, ZooKeeper, Pig und viele andere mehr.
SHI - Apache Solr Beratung
SHI - Apache Solr Beratung
Professionelle Beratung rund um Apache Solr - Wir unterstützen Sie vor, während und nach Ihrem Projekt.

Universal AJAX Live Search



Fusion ist eine auf Solr Enterprise basierende Plattform, welche es […] ermöglicht, große Datenmengen aus unterschiedlichen Quellen nicht nur durchsuchbar zu machen, sondern geschäftlichen Nutzen aus ihnen zu ziehen.


Das heißt, es ist ebenfalls ein Big Data Tool, das entwickelt wurde um große Mengen (unstrukturierter) Daten […] so aufzubereiten, dass geschäftskritische Informationen aus ihnen extrahiert werden können.


Es vereint neben einer hochskalierbaren und fehlertoleranten Suchtechnologie:


  • Data Enrichment
  • Recommendations
  • Machine Learning
  • Log Analysis
  • Advanced Relevancy Tuning
  • Solr based platform




Gerne vereinbaren wir mit Ihnen einen Termin um Ihnen Fusion näher zu bringen und Ihnen die Vorteile aufzuzeigen, die Sie mit dieser Software im Umgang mit Big Data, Search, Datenvisualisierung und Co. erreichen können.


Lucidworks Fusion Features

Lucidworks has extended and enhanced Lucidworks Search to provide eCommerce, Site Search and Enterprise Search solutions. These solutions and features provide improvement in Relevancy, ease-of-installation and deployment and provide increased ROI and reduce TOC for your employees and customers to find the most relevant documents or products in in the fewest number of clicks. Below is a list of highlighted features of Lucidworks Fusion:


•    Supported recommendation for Item-to-Query, Query-to-Item and Item-to-Item.
•    Signals can be aggregated and combined with recommendations.
•    Integrated with our Relevancy Workbench.


•    Any data-point such as click-through (CTR), frequently purchased product, and product ratings, etc.
•    Social Media as a signal via our out-of-box Twitter connector.
•    Combine brand or user profiles for improved boosting of products or hard-to-find required documents.
•    Integrated with our customizable indexing pipeline for query performance and improved relevancy.

Enhanced Application Development

•    Utilizing industry-standard REST API.
•    Full support for established Solr APIs to extend your existing investments.
•    An enhanced Connector Framework to easily add additional content and data sources.
•    Integrated Indexing Pipeline for focused metadata added to indexed content.
•    Query-side Indexing Pipeline for business rules and time-sensitive E-Commerce promotional campaigns.
•    Pipelines are extensible via JAVI API, use defined JSON and can be reused for different content.
•    Collections supported to provide logical view of indexed content for flexible deployments.

Advance Web and File System Crawlers

•    Multi-threaded HTML and Document connectors with customizable de-duplication for higher performance and improved relevancy.
•    New Connectors are easier to develop using simplified class structures and API's.
•    Built-in Crawl database with check-pointing to enable incremental crawling and provide start/pause/stop control via REST AP
•    Integrated with our Indexing pipeline for customizable parsing and field-mapping of documents.


•    Integrated Security Management for Roles and Users.
•    Full support for industry-standard Authentication such as HTTPS, Form-based, Kerberos and more.
•    Full support for Authorizations: Native, LDAP and more.

Search and Log Analytics

•    Support for many log type formats to provide feedback on search usage patterns.
•    Extensive visualization support for many chart-types and dashboards via SiLK.
•    Real-time and historical data signals for improving employee or customer search experiences.
•    Spot trends and react in near Realtime via aggregation of signals.

Support for using your existing Solr index via "Solr Overlay"

•    Utilize existing Solr API’s.
•    No plugins such as custom request handler, are required.
•    Lucidworks Fusion support both SolrCloud (Solr 4.x) and Solr stand-alone mode.
•    Support for pre-existing version of Solr and upgrade to SolrCloud.
•    Additional support for multiple Solr clusters to extend 3rd-party search solutions.




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Präsentation zu Lucidworks Fusion (englisch)
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Lucidworks Fusion (englisch)





Video zu Lucidworks "Fusion for Data Science" (englisch)


Präsentation zu Lucidworks "Fusion for Data Science" (englisch)