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SHI - Fast Forward to Success
SHI - Fast Forward to Success
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SHI - Individuelle Anwendungen aus Software-Bausteinen
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SHI - Beratung Entwicklung Consulting
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SHI - Support und Service
SHI - Support und Service
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Universal AJAX Live Search

One of the most exciting new features in Fusion is Head-N-Tail Analysis. Strangely enough this has nothing to do with shampoo or horses, but it is a way to look at a large set of queries and identify:

  • Head – The queries that generate most of your traffic and conversions
  • Tail – The queries that generate very few or no clicks
  • Torso – Everything else in between

When to Use Head-N-Tail Analysis

Why you’d want to know which queries don’t result in clicks should be obvious. If a user searched on “blue trees” but didn’t find those little car air fresheners they were looking to purchase, it’s a missed opportunity. Maybe an incentive could encourage the user to convert to a purchase or a click.

Frequent queries are also an opportunity for higher clickthroughs. Popular queries could be optimized with a particular promotion or featured on the homepage or in an email campaign. Remember, most users that go to any website, bounce. The more you cut that bounce rate, the better you serve your users whether that means higher productivity in enterprise search or more sales in e-commerce.

Whether you’re in digital commerce or you’re developing an enterprise search app for a corporate intranet, Head-n-Tail reveals the reasons users leave your site without finding what they were searching for. Either it should have been on the front page or it should have been in the search results. Whether the user misspelled something or they should have been more descriptive isn’t the issue. The issues is that your search needs to anticipate the user’s needs.

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