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SHI - Fast Forward to Success
SHI - Fast Forward to Success
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SHI - Individuelle Anwendungen aus Software-Bausteinen
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SHI - Support und Service
SHI - Support und Service
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SHI - Beratung Entwicklung Consulting
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Universal AJAX Live Search

Lucidworks, the leader in search-driven applications, today announces Fusion 4, the latest version of their enterprise-grade development platform for building intelligent search apps at any scale. Fusion has been upgraded to enable completely portable applications with best in class search and AI capabilities, enabling rapid experimentation, configuration, and delivery across any architecture. Flexible deployment and reuse of applications across teams, business units, data centers, and even companies, reduces time-to-value and helps smaller teams have a bigger impact.

"The benefits of big data are useless without ways to quickly access and accurately retrieve what you need, where you need it," says Lucidworks CEO Will Hayes. "Our customers are global organizations who demand a reactive and flexible platform that lets them adapt to hybrid run-time environments including on premise, private cloud, and public cloud infrastructures. With Fusion 4, we've brought that portability to application development so customers can create and run apps that best fit their security and operational constraints."

Fusion 4 also debuts a framework for running experiments and measuring and visualizing the results in real time, so teams can run tests on live data and users in production. By combining this framework with a new suite of AI capabilities for analyzing content and user interactions, Fusion 4 enables continuous improvement of relevancy and the user experience. Experimentation and relevancy tuning can be automatic or manually configured through an intuitive UI, enabling small teams to deliver mission-critical, smart search solutions with high ROI.

"Fusion 4 includes pre-tuned, ready-to-run AI capabilities that our data scientists have optimized through extensive deployment in both testing and customer production environments," says Lucidworks CTO Grant Ingersoll. "This operationalizes AI so teams can use the power of machine learning to build applications and experiences that are constantly adapting to the changing demands of their users."

Lucidworks Launches Fusion 4 with Operationalized AI and Portable Applications That Run AnywhereLucidworks Launches Fusion 4 with Operationalized AI and Portable Applications That Run Anywhere